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Big O Anime: Season 3, Season 3.1, Season 4

By "A Clockwork Tomato"

I have written a complete 13-episode Season 3 for the anime, "The Big O," along with two bonus episodes that I call "Season 3.1" (with one projected episode yet unwritten), and two episodes of a projected 13-episode Season 4. Whew!

Big O Season 3

Beck in the cockpit of his Megadeus

Dorothy Finds Her Negotiator

Acts 01 and 02, Retold From Dorothy's Point of View (Illustrated!)

Most of R. Dorothy Wayneright's past is shrouded in mystery, and even her off-screen activities during the first two episodes of The Big O are unknown. Well, I fixed that.

Illustrated PDF of Dorothy Finds Her Negotiator

"The Big O" Season 3, Complete! (Rated PG)

After Act 26 aired for the first time, a wail went up from many fans saying that the show was ruined; there could never be a Season 3 after the ending in Act 26!

To prove them wrong, I wrote an Act 27 and posted it one week after the initial airing of Act 26. I kept going, writing an episode a week until I had a full 13-episode Season 3. It has everything: romance, giant robot battles, mysterious happenings, sexy androids, violence, and even answers to all the great riddles of Paradigm City.

Here it is:

Act 27: Life Goes On. The rollicking beginning to my Season 3, which starts where the anime left off.

Act 28: Returning to the Dead. Big Fau and Alex Rosewater may be gone, but there are other Megadeuses and other villains.

Act 29: The Master Criminal. Beck is back once more, and is in top form. Can Roger deal with a Beck who refuses to make stupid mistakes?

Act 30: Dori, Dorothy. R-D wasn't the only other android just like Dorothy.

Act 31: The Underground Error. Dori and Angel get trapped underground.

Act 32: Materia Medica. Why did it have to be zombies?.

Act 33: Heaven's Day Mayhem. Another android staggers into our friends' lives.

Act 34: Memories of Days Gone By. We see the human Dorothy and Major Roger Smith.

Act 35: Grand Theft Android. Kidnappers are after our favorite android.

Act 36: The Battle of the Wasteland. Is this the final showdown?

Act 37: Pajama Party Pandemonium. The girls try for a quiet get-together, but are interrupted.

Act 38: The Big Chase. Can Tony catch the evil Dominus?

Act 39: The Last of the Waynerights. The thrilling conclusion of my fan-fiction Season 3.

Crime Pays: A Big O Love Story

Complete! Three Episodes. Rated PG-13

Dori's Rude Awakening. The "origin story" of Dori, Dorothy's identical kid sister. (Set a few weeks after Act 26, the end of Big O's second season.)

Dori the Cat Burglar.  Dori's continuing adventures with Beck.

The Love of a Good Android.  The exciting conclusion. Giant robot battles! Cons and swindles! True love!


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