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I don't have the only site dedicated to The Big O. I have links to other interesting sites below. Sadly, the number of active sites has been declining over time. The official Bandai/Sunrise site has been down for a long time, so only Adult Swim's Big O section is in any way official. The rest are fan sites. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Fan sites are usually way more fun than official sites!

Big O Music Video, done to "Christmas at Ground Zero" by Weird Al Yankovic. Plus several other Big O-related videos on the same page.

Paradigm-City Forums

Paradigm City Forums. My favorite Big O site, it has great forums and all sorts of stuff: Big O forums going back for years with all sorts of wonderful discussions, fanart, fanfiction, a large image section, . Fan site dedicating to getting a third season of Big O, plus general forums. The second-largest Big O site after
Adult Swim Big O Pages. Has episode summaries and character sketches. If Big O is currently on the schedule, showtimes are here, too.
Only Dorothy. A nice site for all you R. Dorothy fans. Has a large number of sexy R. Dorothy pinups and and a racy Flash animation of Dorothy taking her clothes off! One of the few sites that is being actively maintained.
Dorothy Dorothy. Currently down. A fan site with some good stuff. Hasn't been updated in a long time, though.
Dorothy Fanboys Anonymous
Dorothy Fanboys Anonymous at Used to be the site for adult Big O pictures (before I added my adult section). Site is down. Gone for good?

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