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How To Build Your Own Fan Web Site

by A Clockwork Tomato

How hard is it to set up a Web site to support your fan interests? It's easy. Kids do it all the time. It can be done for free, and a really nice site with its own fannish domain name can be done for cheap.

My Web site at supports my Big O obsession, and was made using a free Web-page editor and is hosted on an old PC in my basement, using my DSL line!

Learning all the Web administration needed to do this takes time, but is a marketable skill. Still, in the rest of this article I'm going to talk about the more conventional route, where someone else provides the server.

Follow These Steps

  1. Consider a free hosting service.
  2. Choosing a domain name.
  3. Choosing a fee-based hosting service.
  4. Do I need to hire a Web designer?
  5. Create your Web page.
  6. Submit your site to search services.